Coppa Giovanni July 7th - July 9th 2023

Tournament Rules

Cost is as follows:

a.       Men’s Open $750 before March 31st (early bird) and $850 after

b.       Men’s 35+ $750 before March 31st (early bird) and $850 after

c.       Men’s 45+ $375 before March 31st (early bird) and $425 after

d.       Women’s Open $375 before March 31st (early bird) and $425 after

3)      Prizes are as follows:

a.       Men’s Open $750 Up to $5000 in prizes

b.       Men’s 35+ $750 Up to $5000 in prizes

c.       Men’s 45+ $375 Free registration in the following year

d.       Women’s Open $375 Free registration in the following year

• All participating teams must fill out a waiver form absolving Coppa Giovanni from any harm that occurs to any player as a result of participating in this event. No player will be able to participate without a release waiver.

▪ Teams will be accepted to play in the tournament or showcase at the sole discretion of the tournament convener. Any Team withdrawing from the tournament or showcase after official notification of acceptance will forfeit its entry fee.
▪ Unless otherwise approved by the tournament convener, all teams must register through the tournament convener between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm on the day before the tournament begins.
▪ Any team failing to register as required may be dismissed from the tournament by the convener, forfeiting its entry fee.
▪ Player identification must be provided using a government form of identification and this shall be presented at registration. Acceptable forms of documentation will be by passport, birth certificate or other identification approved by the convener. All players must be indicated at time of registration and no other players will be allowed to play on a team unless explicitly approved by the convener.

▪ Only players whose names appear on the validated team roster are permitted to play in the tournament. No alterations or additions to the original validated roster will be permitted.
• First place purse of UP TO $5000 IN PRIZES each division
▪ Contingent on final registrations/registrations refundable in the event of purse not met
▪ Other purses outside of first place to be determined
• 30 minutes halves and minimum 3 games
▪ All games shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game as observed by FIFA, CS, (Canadian Soccer) and OS (Ontario Soccer) as well as competition rules set by the convener ahead of the tournament
▪ Game-Sheets must be completed and signed by a team official and presented to the field convener for verification no later than 15-minutes prior to the scheduled kickoff time for each game. Only players and team officials on the approved roster may be included on a game sheet (game sheets to be provided by convener).

• Fields will include grass and or turf venues
• Limit of 23 players per roster and the tournament will be 11 vs 11 format
• Awards to include MVP, Best Goalie, etc. (cash prizes for the winners)
• All attempts to be made to have out of town teams limited to playing Saturday and Sunday
• A full list of tournament rules will be provided before registration deadline and will include but is not limited to:
▪ Substitutions, Discipline, Protests, Extraordinary Weather, Scheduling, Determining Group Winners, Game lengths and extra time, failure to show, forfeited games, abandoned games, game balls, other

*Updates to the rules can be made at any time

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