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Soccer is the largest participatory sport in Canada and is considered the fastest growing sport in the country.

84% of participants and parents could recall at least one brand supporting sports and half the parents can name 2 or more brands!

The power of Sponsorship


build brand awareness


increase customer loyalty


supporting your community

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Platinum PLUS Sponsor $10,000

- Main stage signage
- Custom Marketing
- All the benefits of Gold, Silver and Bronze levels

Platinum Sponsor $5000

- Naming of finals trophy and purse prize in one division
- Group/Division named after your company
- Present for the opening ceremonies to kick off the tournament and present for final ceremonies

Gold Sponsor $2500

- Custom COPPA jerseys with your company logo
- Constant mentions during the live event, on social media, ceremonies, media coverage, and emails.
- Booth at the event for advertising/sales of merchandise
- All the benefits of Silver and Bronze levels

Silver Sponsor $1500

- Your company logo printed on COPPA Swagg
- Mentions on marketing and social media
- Plaque with company name and some tournament trophy’s sponsored by you ie: MVP/top scorer/best goalie
- All the benefits of Bronze Level

Bronze Sponsor $750

- Logo featured on website
- Link to your website or social media

Champions for Life:

The ROI's Of Sports Sponsorship

Champions for Life: the ROIs of Sports Sponsorship

There are many reasons why grassroots sports sponsorship is a win-win for the athlete or team, the sports and the company. By nature, sports sponsorship is an authentic way of creating a personal relationship with consumers by showing that you care about the sports, the team, and the community.

Here are a few more benefits of sports sponsorship and advertising:

1. Differentiating yourself

There are more advertising opportunities than you can shake a stick at. But how many of those will cut through the noise by bringing us close to something we feel strongly about: our local sports teams and the sports we love? Sports sponsorship sends a message that you care about what the fans care about – and that can be an incredible force. You’re creating a relationship with consumers, not just advertising to them.

2. Audience

Marketing is about knowing your audience, and you already have a pretty good idea of who’s seeing your messages at sports games and venues: young people, their families and friends, and by extension, the audience of any media covering sports events. Best of all, they’re a captive audience, and will be seeing those messages repeatedly. You’ll also reach rival teams that come to play the local teams –doubling your exposure with a brand new audience at every game.

3. Receptiveness

Research shows that people respond very positively to sponsors and are more receptive to advertising at sports events. Sports families realize that your role as a sponsor is important, and are more likely to support you, in turn, over a competitor.

4. Brand awareness

Sports sponsorship is a great way to increase brand awareness, especially considering that brand strength is a contributing factor for 60-80% of overall sales. It can improve your company image and prestige while associating your brand to events that your target market finds attractive.

5. Loyalty

 Sports sponsorship has always had potential to create long-term positive partnerships between the brand and the sports. It’s more about quality over quantity, but most of all it’s about loyalty. Fans are loyal to their teams, and athletes and sports families have a tendency to be loyal to their sponsors. Over time, you’ll eventually be considered almost as part of the team. That’s a strong emotional commitment.

6. Inclusiveness

All brands in all categories, regardless of size, can sponsor sports. You need to find an appropriate team or sports venue, research the opportunity, and develop a strategy that will tap into the strong emotions that sports create.

7. Social responsibility

 Let’s not forget that by sponsoring something as important as sports, you’re contributing very positively to the community, keeping kids involved in healthy activities and helping to build strong neighbourhoods.

And that’s something to be proud about!

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